Online French Tutor

I learn and practice French online with a native tutor !

French in action!

Let’s make sure that you progress… and have fun!

During your free trial lesson : We identify your French language needs. In what situations you need to speak or write French (personal/business). Will you be mostly in interactive situations? Will you participate to discussions, debates, or general conversational French? etc…. We set objectives and most of all you start speaking French.

During the next lessons : You will practice a lot and have fun at the same time!

Let’s learn efficiently…

You will be put in “real life” situations (work or personal): for example, depending on your objectives, you will read a menu in French, fill in an application form for a job, book a hotel room, ask your way in the street, call a supplier, simulate a professional interview, write e-mails, etc…

You will learn from press articles, literature, videos, books, brochures, or any documents you would like to work from. Your tutor will help you access the meaning of dialogues, documents, texts by rephrasing, clarifying and repetition. You will gain confidence.

We will focus on oral communication making sure that you can be easily understood. 

You will work in a friendly and stress-free atmosphere with a unique objective to progress, reach your goals and enjoy it.

You will also have a lot of opportunities to become more familiar with the French culture in topics of interest for you personally or in your professional environment. 

In the side menu in this website, you find “posts” (des articles) on grammar (Fini, les fautes !), vocabulary,  daily expressions commonly used in French, as well as on various topics relating to culture, society, traditions… Have a look !

I hope that this will be helpful in your learning French.