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I learn and practice French online with a native tutor !


Bonjour !

You want to practice and learn more French ?

If you have a few minutes once in a while, this site will give you quick opportunities to focus on new words, grammar tips, expressions, different ways of expressing yourself…  whatever your level in French.

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If you also feel like attending classes, I am happy to propose conversation sessions with a particular focus on oral French : practicing, speaking, arguing… this is definitely one of the best ways, perhaps the best, to  take advantage of having an online native tutor !

Courses are 20 euros/hour, they are often an ideal complement to online resources (videos, films…) or other courses that the learners take with schools or institutes.

Are you interested ? Just drop me an e-mail : 

The first lesson (60 minutes) is free.

I am a certified French native tutor, fluent in English and living close to Paris. My name is Claudine.

After delivering one-to-one online sessions over the last ten years, I am now retired and have more time to help you achieve your French speaking goals ! 

A bientôt !

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The free trial session is a good way for you to see if this learning approach fits with your needs. All other courses are 20 euros per hour.

 Take advantage of online learning with a native French tutor!

     -Convenience : you can practice from home or any place that is convenient to you.

     –Personalised sessions: all classes are individual.

     –Focused learning : you learn and practice according to your needs.

     –Flexibility : you choose the time slots that suit you best, including week-ends.