Online French Tutor

I learn and practice French online with a native tutor !

In practice

Online French Tutor proposes lessons in French language via Skype (with or without video). The lessons are individual and customised, always with the support of your tutor.

Before starting the lessons :

You need to download Skype on your computer via, if you don’t use Skype already.  In this case, it should be quick and easy to start. The trial lesson will give you the opportunity to start. Skype is a free software that is used by millions of people.

Just before the lesson :

Log to Skype (with or without video). Your tutor calls you… you just have to click on the button to take the call / video… and we can start! Your tutor will certainly use the chat board to give you a written support, make some exercises, or send you documents.

After the lesson :

In most cases you will also get some exercises to do. It will depend on the course and the time you can dedicate to learning French.

On a regular basis (if you take several lessons) we check how you progress, and identify points to improve. 

What material you need to have.

–          A PC (or mobile, tablet…) and an internet connection (ideally not a Wi-Fi connection),

–          A webcam (if you would like to use this function);

–          A microphone, ideally a headset with a microphone;

–          A connection to Skype. Skype is a free software used by millions of people worldwide; we may also use Hangout.

–          An email address in order to exchange documents and exercises;

–          You may also want to have your dictionary and a French grammar book on hand!

–          In some cases, the book(s) to be used during the lesson if any, or the books you use if you attend classes in a school or institute.

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